Nesco FD-1040 1000-watt Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator Review

By | November 15, 2015

Nesco is one of the leading brands in the industry. They’ve been in the game for a significant period of time and they specifically specialize in food dehydrators and other home appliances. The majority of their products have been well received and this rings true with the Nesco FD-1040. This is a stacking food dehydrator, which makes it slightly less convenient, but it still an exceptional value. The unit comes with a handful of beneficial features and they’ll be explored in greater depth below.

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  • Very affordable and reasonable for all
  • 1,000 watts of power for rapid drying
  • Innovative Converga-Flow Air Flow system dries food evenly
  • Equipped with an adjustable thermostat with a temperature range of 90 to 160 F
  • Can be expanded up to 20 trays, but comes with 4
  • 2,400 RPM fan motor
  • Digital timer, which can be programmed up to 48 hours
  • Weighs under 9 pounds for easy transportation
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty for added reassurance


There are many individuals, who want a great food dehydrator, but aren’t interested in splurging. If you fall within this specific category, you should definitely take the time to check out the Nesco FD-1040. This dehydrator is incredibly affordable and can dry a large quantity of foods very quickly! Although it comes with 4 trays, it can be used with 20! Additional trays can be purchased separately to enhance the unit’s versatility.

The unit utilizes 1,000 watts of power to get the food dried, within a rapid period of time. It also comes with a handful of unique accessories, including a 52-page dehydrator recipes booklet, 1 solid sheet, 1 packet of jerky spice and a single mesh sheet. When utilizing this dehydrator, you will never have to worry about rotating the tray. The system is more than capable of evenly drying all of the foods at once, which makes usage more convenient.

The digital thermostat offers more versatility. It’ll give you the ability to customize the system for your specific food of choice. The pros and cons will be listed below for your convenience.



  • Offers plenty of space and can be expanded for increased capacity
  • 1000W of drying power is incredible
  • Adjustable temperature allows you to dry all foods perfectly
  • 1-year warranty is good
  • No need to rotate the trays
  • Digital timer delivers easier use
  • Great for the price
  • Placement of fan prevents future problems


  • Buying more trays may become a necessity
  • Stackable setup may present some inconvenience


Overall Assessment

All in all, it is incredibly difficult to complain about the Nesco FD-1040. The item is affordable, spacious and more than capable of holding an immense amount of food. If you’re happy with a stacking dehydrator, this one cannot be ignored. Be sure to explore the unit in more depth today!

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