Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator Review

By | November 15, 2015

There are many excellent food dehydrators on the market and Waring’s Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator definitely falls into the category. Whether you’re a hunter, who wants to dehydrate his prey, or you just like beef jerky, this dehydrator will serve you perfectly for many years to come. The unit is affordable, versatile and spacious enough for a large quantity of food. Below, you will learn more about this unit, its specifications, pros and cons.

waring electric dehydrator review


  • Comes with 5 stackable and interlocking trays
  • Equipped with an adjustable thermostat, which offers low, medium, high and fan only
  • Fitted with a new fan system, which delivers better air flow
  • Weighs just 9.6 pounds
  • Uses 620 watts of power to dehydrate your foods to perfection
  • Can easily be used with a wide array of different foods
  • Fairly quiet during operation


The Waring Pro DHR30 delivers an excellent combination of convenience and power. It is more than suitable for an assortment of different foods, including fruits, herbs and beef jerky. In fact, some suggest that the unit could very well be the best dehydrator for jerky. The unit’s adjustable temperature offers customization for your specific food of choice. Instead of dealing with figures, you can just switch to one of the heat settings and wait for the foods to dry.

The 620 watts of power is more than sufficient. It’ll dry out your foods in a decent amount of time, so you won’t be left sitting around waiting for days on end. The unit weighs just 9.6 pounds, which makes it easily transportable and effortless to store away, when not in use. Of course, the unit’s exterior is very attractive, so leaving it out on your counter shouldn’t be ruled out. The unit comes with 5 trays. This delivers a suitable amount of space for large quantities of foods.

The stackable setup delivers a little added convenience, in terms of maintenance. Cleaning up the unit isn’t overly difficult and shouldn’t take more than ten minutes. More pros and cons can be found below for your consideration.



  • Comes with 5 stackable trays, which delivers an abundance of space
  • Can purchase extra trays and extend up to 9
  • Adjustable temperature, which is simple enough
  • Can be used for an assortment of different edibles
  • Innovative fan system delivers better air flow
  • Very affordable
  • Weighs less than 10 pounds, so you won’t break your back
  • 1 year warranty covers defects in material and workmanship
  • An excellent value overall


  • Temperature controls are fairly limited
  • Stacking system may grow annoying, after repeated use
  • No timer


Overall Assessment

When it comes down to it, the Waring Pro DHR30 Professional is a great value, but it is best suited for beginners. Its limited, yet somewhat more convenient, options deliver easier use and won’t require you to set a precise temperature for each food. It holds plenty of food, is easy to use and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. If you’re new to food dehydration, this dehydrator is a brilliant purchase. Be sure to check it out for yourself in greater depth right now!

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