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Privacy Policy

It is incredibly easy for your privacy to be invaded online. Nothing is worse than being tracked around and stalked, by hidden Internet cookies. We wholeheartedly understand this here at We strive to ensure that our visitors are well aware of our privacy policy. Below, you will learn more about out policy.


Cookies does utilize cookies, but they’re not used for devious behavior. Below, you will learn precisely why we use cookies.

  • To keep track of each visitor’s preferences
  • To ensure visitors receive the most relevant content
  • To examine the user’s behavior, so we can ensure our site is up and running efficiently
  • For advertising programs, which help to maintain the site


Email Addresses

When signing up for newsletters, contacting us or posting a comment you may be required to enter your email address. This information may be stored in our database. Take note that this information will never be sold, given away or used for any type of devious behavior. We wouldn’t want our personal details sold or abused and will treat yours with the same respect.


Log Files

Take note that Food Dehydrator Reviews utilizes third party applications, such as Google Analytics. These may very well collect your information may store it in a log file. The good news is that the details collected are the bare minimum and generally only include your IP address, web browser information, access date, ISP, and your behavior on our website. We guarantee that this information will never be abused and is only used for the betterment of this site.

  • Enhancing the performance and functionality of
  • Improving communication
  • Making enhancements to usability, performance and functionality
  • To ensure that the most relevant content is delivered


Affiliate Disclosure

Here at, our site is a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associated Program. This advertising program allows the site to earn advertising fees, which help to keep the site up and running efficiently. The third party cookies, which are used by this service, are out of control. If you have any concerns in this regard, you should contact Amazon directly and examine their privacy police for further details.


3rd Party Links

From time to time, may link to 3rd party websites. Their privacy policy and behavior is completely out of our control. Contacting them directly and checking out their privacy policy is your best course of action, if you have any concerns.