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The Best Deer Jerky Recipe (void in Michigan)

While exploring the internet, one can fill a set of cookbooks to the ridiculous page count of Encyclopedia Britannica, the 1990’s edition with a simple search for something as mundane as, Deer Jerky.  No matter your search engine, you’re going to have your hands full, if you go in unprepared.  But today, this article will just do an exploration on a recent viral recipe.

This is a hunky piece that is simple to prepare, leaves you wanting to have more of it.  It went viral and once you try it, you will be wondering where were you?  This makes a nugget-style jerky, or chicken finger-like product.


Whole Muscle-cut Style Venison Jerky, Italian-style

The first thing you’re going to do, no matter what, is prepare the cuts.  Make these in lengths that are no bigger than six inches by an inch or an inch-in-diameter.  You want to be careful, it’s a cutting exercise, and you don’t want to lose any important bits of yourself.

Second Step

The next step is to do a Salt Soak.  Most of the time, you can just put a half-cup of salt in a gallon freezer bag with the meat and water.  This is integral to the process, so give it a proper twenty-four hour period where it’s allowing the salt to do it’s business.  This draws out the blood from the meat.

A variant of this is to put a half-cup of Garlic Salt in during the soak.  This is common in more Italian-food based recipes. Once the salt soak is complete, remove the back from the fridge and the meat from the bag.

Third Step

The third step of this is the Curing Step, you can find the commercial curing mixes at a sporting goods store.  The important part of this is the Sodium Nitrate that is required to be in the curing mixture.  This mixture can be seasoned or not, and many dry rubs are available anywhere seasonings can be procured.

Keeping the Italian-food theme of this should be done with hands dripping with extra-virgin olive oil.  There are many brands available, and one can hear thousands of opinions why this or that brand is better than the other.  With the curing mix, rub in the Italian Seasoning that is readily available from many fine food stores.

deer jerky

Quickly touching on the sodium nitrate portion of the curing mix, you can’t skip this.  Unless you want dozens of unappetizing pieces of meat that are as chew-able as cardboard with olive oil paste, this is an absolute, unbreakable part of the recipe.

For twenty-four hours, let the meat sit in the fridge, curing.  I understand you want food that satisfies your inner animal, just be patient and wait another twenty-four hours.  This is not a food that is sold at fast food locations, only convenience stores, at a higher cost with an exponentially lesser quality.

After a full day of letting the cure set in, it’s time to prepare your oven.  Bring it up to 200 degrees.  Take a cookie sheet and with a wire rack over it, set the delicious cuts on it.  The wire rack will allow your meat to breath and be cooked properly.

Set your timer for about 2.5 hours.  After the dinger goes off, flip all of the meat, and set your timer once more for another 2.5 hours.  Once it’s complete, let it cool so you don’t burn the insides of your mouth.  It’s larger than most types of jerky, so if you want to make sandwiches or have special purposes for this, it’s wholly possible.  We hope you enjoyed todays variant on the best venison jerky recipe. Remember that jerky spice is absolutely pertinent! Be sure to check out the market’s best jerky spice on Amazon right now!

The Benefits of Dehydrated Food

beef jerky benefits

Not long ago, dehydrated food was king.  It is inexpensive, the tools are a small investment, compared to the benefits.  Nowadays, it is experiencing a resurgence.  This article will list a handful of reasons why your household will want to participate in this exciting and traditional practice.


The key reason why many people prefer dehydrated food compared to cooked food, is this.  When many fruits and vegetables are cooked, the lion’s share of vitamins are lost.  With dehydration practices, there is a small loss of Vitamins A and B, but compared to traditional methods of food prep, this is much more preferable.


Be it meat, poultry, fish, or just fruits and vegetables, this is key.  One doesn’t need an icebox or a massive cooler.  Oddly enough, many that do dehydrate their own menus, their homes look like MRE museums.  Placement and developing healthy habits do have a cost, in the long run this is acceptable.


Baggies of salted meat chips, dried veggies and fruits, the smoothies, one has their hands full as they select how their household will approach their health goals.   The more creative one is, the better off the home will be.  Don’t be afraid to mix things up!

Economic Benefits

Sam’s Club or Costco members unite!  Bulk item purchasers will see significant savings already.  Now stack on top the change in their menu, and you have someone who has substantially more at the end of the year.  Don’t forget to document the healthy milestones, and celebrate these when they do pass.  Too much of a dour approach to something like this can ruin what benefits are present, keep in mind, there is more to life than just the pursuit of healthy living.

In Conclusion

Over the course of time, the at-home practice of dehydrating food is worth it.  The health benefits, the saved tens of dollars throughout the year, the pursuit of the lifetime goals, can make anyone or any home, a happier entity for all to share in.  Maybe it is time for you to look at dehydrating food for your family, and see how you will be positively impacted in your healthy living.