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A Comprehensive DELLA Deluxe Electric Food Dehydrator Review

The DELLA Deluxe Electric Food Dehydrator is an 850 watt powerful electric dehydrator. This food dehydrator has 10 trays and is a budget choice, which will be sure to satisfy the mass majority of consumers.

della deluxe dehydrator

Exceptional highlights

The DELLA Deluxe Electric Food Dehydrator offers heat distribution equally throughout the interior, with the fan mounted and the heating element at the back and not the bottom. This product also has UL certification and can work for 40 hours. It also includes 120 volts, 850 watt power motor and 60 Hz voltage.

Food preservation has been important throughout human history and numerous different techniques have been developed. It is used to make the summer harvest last up to the winter and recently the food preservation is on the rise and so there is a good demand for dehydrators, such as the modern DELLA Deluxe Electric Food Dehydrator.


Working ability

This dehydrator utilizes a process of dehydration, which removes 90 percent moisture in foods and thus the dehydrated foods last for a longer periods than usual. This also helps to keep the foods healthier than ever before. You do not to add preservatives, chemicals and additives. Salt is also not a necessity. Thus the flavorsome, natural and healthy nutrients such as minerals and vitamins are maintained in your food.



The product is very compact and requires less storage space. Moreover, it offers the space advantage as you need no containers to be placed on your shelves. The DELLA Deluxe Electric Food Dehydrator is ideal for gardeners, bigger families or people who would love to dry foods in batches. Those that clamor for dried veggies, grains, fruits, meat, herbs, jerky, spices, cheese, fish, yoghurt or raising bread will adore the DELLA. The DELLA Deluxe Electric Food Dehydrator measures 18.5 x 13 x 14.25 inches and it can fit on any kitchen counter with ease. It weighs 18 pounds and looks great with a black exterior and blue trays.

A timer is visible on the LCD display panel and there is on and off switch at the rear. There is 95 and 155 degrees Fahrenheit temperature dial at the rear. This provides the user entire control over the dehydrating experience.



  • Space is in plentiful
  • The trays are easy to clean
  • It has a built-in analog temperature and digital timer.



  • The trays do not dry well
  • Lacks at the bottom a drip tray



Overall, this product is worth recommending. It is affordable and also comes with all the options of an expensive dehydrator. The cons are also easy to fix, great dehydrator so far! If you’re looking for an excellent dehydrator, you should definitely check out the DELLA.

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